YouTube Video Processing

Why Does YouTube Video Processing Take So Long?

Have you ever uploaded a video on YouTube and it got stuck at the processing stage? This happens to many content creators.

It takes time to process a video because of larger file sizes, encoding requirements and other factors. So if your video is stuck on the 0% processing, there are few things you can do to fix it.

1. Video Size

Processing videos takes time because YouTube has to encode your video into a certain format and specifications. So, the longer your video is and the larger the resolution, the more it will take to process.

YouTube re-encodes every video you upload to optimize the playback quality of your videos. This encoding process is the reason why high-resolution videos take much more time to upload and process than standard definition ones.

You can also try converting your videos into smaller formats like MP4 to reduce their size and speed up the process. FlexClip is a great online tool that lets you convert videos into MP4 with no quality loss in just minutes.

2. File Format

YouTube takes multiple copies of the video in different resolutions and formats to support all kinds of devices and screens. These files have to be processed and uploaded into a standard format, which may take time depending on how many other videos are being processed at the same time.

Some file formats are more difficult for YouTube to process than others, which can cause delays in processing. This is especially true if you’re uploading high-resolution videos, such as 4K or HD.

If you’re experiencing a long wait for your videos to process, try clearing your browser cache and cookies. This can help speed up your internet connection by getting rid of corrupted data. You can also use a video converter to change your video format to something that YouTube supports, such as MP4. This will decrease the upload size and make it faster to upload. Alternatively, you can try uploading your videos at non-peak times.

3. Internet Speed

When your video upload gets stuck at 95% or 99% processing, it usually means that the system you are using doesn’t have enough bandwidth to finish its job. This can happen if you upload the video in HD quality or if you upload it at peak hours when YouTube experiences a lot of traffic.

To solve this problem, you should restart the processing of your video. This will delete all the progress you made and start from the beginning. If the problem persists, you should consider changing your internet connection or try uploading at a different time.

All videos on YouTube must be processed before they become available to watch. The process involves converting the video into a format that will work on a variety of devices and browsers. The processing time varies depending on the file size, video duration, and quality. For example, an HD video might take 30 seconds to one minute to be fully processed.

4. Video Duration

YouTube has to store hundreds of hours of videos every minute in their data centres. They also have to compress them and create multiple copies in different resolutions to ensure that they can stream quickly on all devices.

This process can take time and it is especially slow during peak times when many people are uploading their videos to YouTube. If you want to get your video processed faster, try not to upload it during peak times or consider using an alternative upload site like Swarmify.

If your video is stuck in the processing stage, try refreshing the page. This sometimes jumpstarts the processing and gets it back to working. Alternatively, you can delete the video and upload it again. If you suspect that the problem is caused by copyrighted content or unstable Internet connection, try editing your video to remove or replace the disputed part of it. Then try re-uploading it to YouTube. The problem is likely to be resolved then.

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